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Launchpad is founded by a group of Swiss entrepreneurial families who share the same vision and passion for developing companies with strong business fundamentals and long term growth potential. Through our value added investment approach, we have grown to have a global presence in Asia, Europe and North America.

Business Meeting

An Unwavering Dedication

We are committed to our mission of growing and scaling businesses and are guided by our principles to be an active investor and forward thinking partner for all our companies, shareholders and clients.

Dr Christoph Stutz, Chairman

Agility & Swiftness

We have a long term investment horizon and are not constrained by a “fund life” because we invest off our own balance sheet. We invest directly in startups, growth companies, pre- and post-listed  companies and have flexibility in capital structure and investment size.


Our lean and transparent corporate structure allows us to act decisively and swiftly on business opportunities and respond nimbly in unexpected situations.

Business meeting

Forging ahead through partnerships

Our greatest successes have been through partnerships with dedicated management teams to build and grow great businesses by leveraging on our deep industry expertise and network, investment resources and experience in driving strategic and operational transformation.


Avalon Park Group
sitEX Properties Holding AG
The 5th Floor Coworking
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