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inQbator: A new Swiss start-up incubator and accelerator powered by BLKB, Hemex and Launchpad

Updated: May 5, 2021

BLKB, Hemex and Launchpad aim to support young entrepreneurs in their business activities through the start-up incubator program, inQbator. The program is open to start-ups from all industries. The main aim of inQbator is to promote innovation in the region.

In addition to a good business idea, start-ups need the right network, sufficient financial resources, and the necessary infrastructure. Getting access to all these can be a challenge for young entrepreneurs. BLKB, together with its two partners, Hemex and Launchpad, are therefore launching a new advisory and support service aimed at early-stage start-ups as well as established young companies. "We want to promote innovation and support young start-ups in gaining a foothold and developing here in the region," says Beat Röthlisberger, member of the Executive Board and Head of Corporate Clients at BLKB and member of the Board of Directors of the newly founded inQbator AG.

Customized programs

The program acts as an incubator and accelerator for start-ups and is aimed at all company founders with an innovative business idea. In inQbator, companies have access to two customized programs and a range of services that they can obtain as needed. " Coaching and mentoring from experienced experts as well as help in finding suitable office space are in demand, especially in the startup phase," says Franziska Stemmler, who is responsible for startups and business development at Hemex and a member of the board of inQbator AG. The needs vary depending on the stage of development, business model and industry of the respective company. The program is open to startups from all industries.

Discounted services through inQbator membership

By participating in inQbator, start-ups can take advantage of a wide range of expert consultants and other specialized services which are at least 10 to 20 percent below the usual market prices. In addition, the start-ups can outsource individual functions according to their needs so that they can concentrate fully on building up their company. "Young entrepreneurs don't like to worry about accounting and payroll administration," says Andreas Derzsi, co-owner of Launchpad and board member of inQbator AG. "They want to focus all their energy into developing and realizing their business idea." In inQbator's programs, startups work intensively alongside subject matter experts for between six months to three years.

Network, know-how and premises

BLKB is the largest bank in the Basel region and one of the leading banks in north-west Switzerland with an aim to support innovation and drive growth in the Basel business ecosystem. Hemex, based in Liestal, is a specialist in advising biotech start-ups and is the point of contact for young companies in the life science sector. Launchpad is an internationally active private equity and corporate finance firm which offers start-ups a global network in Asia and the USA. Launchpad, which is affiliated with the real estate firm sitEX Properties Holding AG, also offers assistance in finding suitable commercial space. sitEX is, among other things, the operator of the co-working space "The 5th Floor" in Muttenz (Coworking Basel), which is home to inQbator. In addition to office space, laboratories are also available there for participants. InQbator aims to create a vibrant and unique start-up ecosystem by attracting young companies to the co-working space "The 5th Floor".

Close cooperation with "100 for Baselbiet»

The inQbator program is an extension of the "100 for Baselbiet" initiative, which BLKB launched together with the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) and the Standortförderung Baselland at the end of 2019. While "100 for Baselbiet" focuses on financing the next stage of development, the focus of inQbator is on coaching, mentoring, and consulting, in addition to supporting capital raising activities. "What is unique about inQbator is the comprehensive consulting approach. Here, young entrepreneurs get everything from a single source. In addition, they benefit from our network when it comes to talking to the right investors," says Beat Röthlisberger.

According to the Institute for Young Entrepreneurs (IfJ), the number of start-ups increased significantly last year. Consequently, demand for advice on ways to successfully build a company is expected to increase. Interested parties can now submit their application documents online. Further information can be found at:

Digital information event

For those interested, a digital information event will be held on March 16, 2021 at 16.30h to 17.30h, where we will give you more in-depth insights. You are cordially invited to participate via the following link:

For inquiries;


Patricia Rehmann, Corporate Communication, Phone +41 61 925 80 18, E-mail:


Franziska Stemmler, Board Member of InQbator AG Phone +41 79 298 97 32, E-mail:


Andreas Derzsi, Managing Partner of Launchpad and Board Member of InQbator AG Phone +41 76 420 08 66, E-mail:

All information can be found at


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