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Our main objective is to be strategic partners of great companies to help them accelerate growth. We aim to be a lifetime partner and build multiple touch points with our companies. Our track record has included many successful startups, turnarounds, corporate spinoffs, founder-led companies and succession planning scenarios. As an owner-managed firm, we are diversified across various geographies, sectors and asset classes.


Private Equity & Venture Capital Life Science

Private Equity &

Venture Capital

We invest in and work alongside early stage to mature companies which have particularly experienced management team, sustainable competitive advantage, attractive products or services and strong market potential. We also incubate and accelerate innovative ideas from inception to an exit stage. Beyond just growth capital, we offer our companies access to our global network of partners and potential customers as well as strategy and operational support.

Public Equity

Public Equity

We take a fundamentals based approach and invest in undervalued companies in Asian, European and US markets in growth sectors with potential to generate outsized long-term returns. We seek synergies with management teams through board representations or partnerships to promote good governance and drive corporate strategy in order to improve shareholder value. We may take concentrated positions as major shareholders with the aim to align ourselves with management, partners and shareholders alike.

Real Estate Development

Real Estate

We have in depth knowledge in real estate projects with a track record spanning across 4 continents and gross development values of over US$ 5bn. Our management team specializes in major master-planned community developments in Florida, Texas and Switzerland which contains the elements of “live, learn, work and play”. The core of each development is a pedestrian-friendly downtown area with a wide range of schools, care facilities for the elderly and children, medical centres, shopping, entertainment and dining outlets.

Asset Class


Smartphone Store

Consumer & Lifestyle


We invest in consumer electronics and FMCG companies that have a strong brand presence, leading market share and established distribution network. 




We invest in and develop technology based agro-businesses that aim to improve farming methods, increase yield,  food security and reduce environmental damage. 


Real Estate & Construction


We acquire and develop large land parcels into master planned communities. We invest in home building companies and construction material suppliers that offer good synergies.

Solar Energy

Energy & Resources


We support renewable energy businesses with a large emphasis on solar and invest selectively in companies that adopt a sustainable approach to resource extraction.

Lab Experiments

Life Sciences


We incubate and invest in early stage life science companies in the field of biologics, medical devices, diagnostics, digital health and animal health through our inQbator program. 

Laser Cutting

Industrial & Manufacturing


We support Industry 4.0 by investing in and commercializing automation, advance manufacturing and smart technologies with large industrial applications.


Our founders have a long standing track record of projects across 4 continents worth more than US$ 5bn.

Private Equity

Prestige AB Ready Mix

Cement Trucl Prestige

Co-founded Prestige AB Ready Mix Concrete which became the largest independent concrete producer in Florida, with operations in North Carolina, Texas, and California. Prestige generated over US$200m in annual revenue. The company was later sold to Votorantim Group, one of the largest industrial conglomerates in Latin America in 2007.

Exit IRR: > 30% p.a.

* Non-exhaustive list of past and present investments 

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